Virtual Library - Recommended

Title Category Type Date
Monitoring and Evaluation for Rural Development (PREVAL) Data analysis Website
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for Development in Peace-Precarious Situation Thematic areas Paper 2006
Monitoring and evaluating information and communication for development programmes Thematic areas Guide 2005
Monitoring & Evaluating Advocacy: A Scoping Study Thematic areas Guide 2001
Monitor (MEASURE Evaluation) Data collection Newsletter
Measurement of HIV Prevention Indicators: A Comparison of the PLACE Method and a Demographic Health Survey in Rwanda Data collection Paper 2008
MEASURE Evaluation Data collection Website
Manuel de collecte de données sur la fécondité et la mortalité Data collection Guide 2006
Manual sobre la recolección de datos de fecundidad y mortalidad Data collection Guide 2005
Manual for the evaluation of humanitarian aid Thematic areas Guide 1999



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