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The Evidence Stories portal provides a well-curated platform for the publication of evaluative evidence, written in simple language. It aims to promote the use of evaluative evidence as a tool to inform the implementation of Agenda 2030.

The pitch and messaging related to global evaluation can be very high-level and abstract, but most evaluations are about individual projects or programs at country, institutional or sector level.

This portal aims to provide examples of how the use of evidence from evaluations – the findings, lessons and recommendations – contributed, or could contribute, to informing new projects, programs and policies to make them more effective in future for greater development results. In this way, the use of evaluative evidence contributes towards achieving Agenda 2030. It also includes the views, visions and recommendations of Evidence Champions from around the globe – individual leaders or organizations believing in the use of evidence to change development outcomes.

The Evidence Stories portal:

  1. Republishes existing evidence syntheses by various international development agencies, think tanks, academic institutions or individual evaluators
  2. Co-publishes blogs, thought leadership pieces and interviews that focus specifically on the use of evaluative evidence linked to one or more of the 17 SDGs
  3. Publishes original first-person narratives and Q&A’s. This is the heart of the Evidence Stories content platform where we want to make evaluative evidence come ALIVE using story-telling techniques

You can submit an article in TEXT or VIDEO format

  1. Guidelines for TEXT stories can be viewed HERE
  2. Guidelines for VIDEO stories can be viewed HERE
If you want to share your Evidence Story, please get in touch with us by filling in the contact form below. The editor works with contributors towards the final published story.