#EvidenceMatters Resources

#EvidenceMatters pre-launch video

Please download the #EvidenceMatters video and share widely on social media in the build-up to the public launch of the microsite in Oct/Nov 2020. Use the hashtag #EvidenceMatters

Published: Sept 2020

#EvidenceMatters Evidence Statement graphic cards

Please download the .PPT slide deck, save each slide as a .jpeg file and share widely on social media using the hashtag #EvidenceMatters

Published: October 2020

EvalPartners resources

EvalPartners Governance Structure

Do you want to know more about how EvalPartners is governed? In July 2019, the organisation finalised its Governance Structure that can below downloaded below.

Published: July 2020

EvalPartners branding guidelines

We’ve put together guidelines for the use of the EvalPartners logo and brand identity, as well as some guidelines for the IOCE. These guidelines can be found at the link below.

Published: August 2020

Resources from the EvalNetworks


Briefing Paper 1 – Evaluation: a crucial ingredient for SDG success

Briefing Paper 2 – Counting critically: SDG ‘follow-up and review’ needs interlinked indicators, monitoring and evaluation

Briefing Paper 3 – Five considerations for national evaluation agendas informed by the SDGs

Briefing Paper 4 – Realising the SDGs by reflecting on the way(s) we reason, plan and act: the importance of evaluative thinking

Briefing Paper 5 – Developing national evaluation capacities in the sustainable development era: four key challenges

Briefing Paper 6 – Evaluation: a missed opportunity in the SDGs’ first set of Voluntary National Reviews

Briefing Paper 7 – The 2030 Agenda and evaluation: opportunities and challenges for parliamentarians

Briefing Paper 8 – VNR reporting needs evaluation: a call for global guidance and national action

Briefing Paper 9 – Embedding evaluation in national plans and policies to foster transformative development

Briefing Paper 10 – Equity-focused, gender-responsive evidence: a blind spot in VNR reporting

Briefing Paper 11 – From monitoring goals to systems-informed evaluation: insights from SDG14

Briefing Paper 12 – Evaluating sustainable development: how the 2030 Agenda can help

Briefing Paper 13 – The climate crisis: four ways evaluations can strengthen policymaking

Guidebook – Evaluation to connect national priorities with the SDGs, published by EVALSDGs in partnership with UNICEF, IIED and MoFA Finland

Guide – Embedding Evaluation in VNRs in Africa, published by UNICEF and CLEAR-AA


Guide to include a gender+ perspective in VOPEs: Innovating to improve institutional capacities. The project was supported by the EvalPartners Innovation Challenge initiative coordinated by the Equity Focused and Gender Responsive Evaluation Task Force on behalf of EvalPartners

New guidance on Evaluating the Sustainable Development Goals with a “No one left behind” lens through equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluation is also available on the EvalGender+ site

Gender-Evaluative Evidence: A blind spot in SDG Reporting?
EvalGender+ Co-chairs Florencia Tateossian and Svetlana Negroustoueva contributed an article to the NEC Conference Proceedings publication

Training Manual on Localising SDGs
Under an EvalGender+ grant SAHAJ has conducted a webinar on ‘Localising SDGs: What grassroots communities can teach us?’ on June 3, 2020. Following the webinar, a Training Manual ‘Localising SDGs: Building Capacities of GrassRoots Organizations from a Gender Perspective’ has been developed