Between 2015 and 2017, EvalPartners launched five thematic networks that became the key operational vehicles of EvalPartners. The work of the five EvalNetworks also operationalized EvalPartners’ contribution towards EvalAgenda2020.


EvalSDGs has established itself as a key stakeholder and reference in the ongoing debate around the evaluation of the SDGs. The central paradigm of EvalSDGs is that evaluation has the capacity to step beyond compliance into engagement in performance assessment, learning, strengthening of accountability mechanisms, as well as feeding into policy and decision-making.

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Youth and young people are historically and frequently absent from evaluations of policies and programs that impact them, except as a potential source for data collection. To ensure that the profession is constantly fuelled by new fresh talent, EvalYouth works on capacity development, mentoring, joint action planning and proactive involvement of youth and emerging evaluators in the work of VOPEs.

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EvalGender+ advocates a strong focus on equity and gender equality in evaluation (the “+” meaning that it encompasses more than gender alone). Equity-focused and gender responsive evaluation is an avenue to support accountability to meet gender equality commitments in the implementation of the SDGs. The initiative has three action areas: mobilization and advocacy, promoting innovation in evaluating with an equity and gender lens and knowledge sharing.

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EvalIndigenous values the strengths of Indigenous evaluation practice and the contribution of Indigenous evaluation to global evaluation practice. It documents the evaluation and research protocols developed by Indigenous communities and organizations, facilitates learning and sharing of experiences and promotes innovation in approaches and methods used in Indigenous evaluation

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Global Parliamentary Forum on Evaluation

The GPFE a self-organized international group of parliamentarians interested in linking evaluation to policy making through the proactive involvement of parliamentarians. It works on building the capacities of parliamentarians to advocate for evaluation culture and strengthening evaluation use at national levels, and to promote equity focused and gender responsive National Evaluation Policies and systems

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A decade ahead of the achievement of the SDGs, EvalPartners is starting to engage the global evaluation community and the EvalPartners networks to reaffirm EvalAgenda2020 and to renew commitment to ensure that Evaluation contribute to efforts that will deliver the 2030 Agenda and beyond.